Can Tick Bites Be Bad For People?

Have you recently found a tick on yourself or your child after a day out in the yard? No one likes the sight of a tic, as it can be an indicator that there are ticks in the yard that need to be dealt with. One of your first thoughts on finding a tick might be wondering whether or not the tick bite could be bad for you or your child.

The answer to this question is that it is certainly possible. Ticks are known to carry certain diseases, and knowing what those are will help you deduce whether or not a tick bite could have been infectious. To make sure you cut down on the amount of ticks in your yard, make sure you get in touch with your residential tick control simpsonville experts if you or someone else in your family finds a tick on themselves.

Known Diseases Carried By Ticks

Diseases known to carried by ticks include familiar names you may have heard of, including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Colorado tick fever, and more. Get in touch with your doctor if you, your child, or anyone else in your family exhibits any of these signs after a tick bite:

·    Fevers.

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·    Large rashes.

·    Unexplained pains.

While normal tick bites will make you itch for a few days and then begin to disappear, if you begin to experience any of the above problems after a tick bite, it might be wise to seek the opinion of a doctor just in case the tick that bit you was infectious. If so, you can begin addressing the situation as soon as possible with antibiotic creams.

When it comes to ticks, it is usually better to follow the old saying “It’s better safe than sorry!” With these pests, this old adage could not be truer.